Meet the twin who lived inside his brother for 36 years

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A man, who farms for a living, had his twin living inside him for 36 years.

The man, Sanju Bhagat, was born in 1963 in Nagpur, a city in Maharashtra, India. He was widely teased in his village because of his large stomach, which made him look nine months pregnant.

Since he didn’t experience any pain or show any signs of the tumor during the growth of his stomach, he didn’t visit a doctor to save money. But after 36 years, his stomach became so huge that he couldn’t work productively.

One night, Sanju found himself unable to breathe properly. He was rushed to the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, where doctors concluded that he had a tumor and decided to operate and remove it.

Dr. Ajay Mehta, the doctor who operated on Sanju, said that the tumor was so big that it pushed at his diaphragm and prevented him from breathing properly. He also anticipated a lot of problems during the surgery due to its huge size.

But surprisingly, they took out Sanju’s twin brother from his stomach!

After the surgery, the doctor said that he first shook hands with somebody and not a tumor. The baby has a deformed fetus with hair, legs, nails, bones, and a jaw with teeth. The twin fetus lived on Sanju’s nutrition while it was inside him and grew since the day Sanju was born.

At first glance, it looked like Sanju had given birth.

This is a rare condition of fetus in fetu, in which, the recessive twin grows inside the dominant twin after the latter absorbs the first.

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