Jesus Christ was the first person to play baseball and cricket, historians claim

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Historians have claimed that Jesus Christ was the first person ever to play baseball and cricket after an unseen manuscript was found in a gospel. They say the son of God used his skill of walking on water to chase and catch the ball.

One of the historians shared that Jesus wielded a bat around 2000 years before the game was thought to have been made.

Irrespective of how bizarre this sounds, the story about Jesus’s days as a child when he played cricket has been discovered in a previously unseen gospel.

The world heard this news through the ‘Rest is history’ podcast, where Historians Tom Holland, Dominic Sandbrook, and John Hotten spoke. They discussed the origin of bats and balls when the topic of who played baseball and cricket came up.

Holland said in the podcast that the first baseball and cricket player is a big name and that it’s Jesus. He continued that the Armenian professor Dr. Abraham Terian found an eighth-century copy of a much earlier gospel in the manuscript library of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The copy had information on The Second Coming’s childhood.

The gospel describes Jesus and his friends playing a game similar to baseball and cricket. The children would throw a ball and hit it with a bat. What’s amazing is that Jesus would run onto the sea to catch the ball as if he was playing on a frozen surface.

Seeing this, the other children would scream, saying, “Watch the child Jesus, what he does over the waves of the sea!”

Then, many people would gather there and watch him play.

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