Man with 15 wives and 107 children says he wants to marry more

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A 61-year-old historian from Kenya is famous because he has fifteen wives and 107 children. He has confessed in an interview that he wishes to marry again and have more wives. The household is huge and is almost like a small neighborhood. They use more than ten loaves of bread each morning for breakfast.

He lives in a village in Western Kenya along with his huge family, who treat him like a King.

The wives respect him as well as each other and live without any discontent. Though there used to be some jealousy among the wives initially, they have gotten used to it now. He now expresses his desire to marry more women.

As per his belief, a sensible man must not have just one accomplice. He feels the wiser a man gets, the more wives he must have. His only problem is searching for and buying more land because it's costly. He feels each of his wives should have a little bit of land.

The household chores go on smoothly as all the homemakers have divided the work equally.

He is a very famous historian and a master in his field and claims to have read over 4000 books. He believes that a genius is born once in 300 years in his tribe. He also thinks he is the genius born in 300 years due to the immense knowledge he possesses. He has a very high IQ and feels that only one woman would not be able to handle it.

He said, "I'm like King Solomon." This character from the Bible has 700 wives and 300 concubines.

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