Video of a human-faced fish stuns and scares the internet

Maya Devi

Stories about creatures resembling humans have forever fascinated people. Here is one such case which has caught the attention of netizens.

A tourist in Miao village, Kunming, China was visiting a lake when he spotted a spooky fish with some unique markings. This rather unusual fish has been identified as a carp.

The fish has normal eyes, nose, and mouth and has dark markings over the head, which set it apart and gave it an unusual resemblance to that of a human when seen from a certain angle.

This rare optical illusion was caught by the tourist in a 14-second long video. The video is believed to have started circulating on Douyin and later on a social media network called Weibo. It has created quite a stir online, garnering thousands of views.

Some of the netizens have expressed their surprise, while some found it creepy. In the video, the fish swims to the surface of the water, momentarily pokes his head out, and then returns to the water. A few seconds later, it repeats the same thing. Though the authenticity of this video has not been completely established, it is believed that such a fish was indeed observed and that it is not a digitally morphed video.

This is not the first time that such an unusual sight has been seen. In the year 2016, such a sighting was seen in Wugang city by the local fishermen while fishing. Back in April 2019, a similar fish was seen in a pond outside a local temple in Tsuruoka, a city in Japan. A "humanoid carp" that was spotted in Essex in 2010 was later sold at a premium price of 40,000 Euros.

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