19-year-old mom gives birth to twins with different biological dads

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A Brazilian woman from southwest Goiás gave birth to twin babies that have different biological dads. This is an extremely rare incident and has been reported only around 20 times in the world before.

The 19-year-old mother gave birth to the twins after nine months of pregnancy, and the babies were healthy after delivery. But as the kids neared their first birthday, she started getting doubts regarding their parentage.

So she conducted a few DNA tests and found that one of the twins' DNA didn’t match with the DNA belonging to the man she thought was their father. She then recollected that she had gotten intimate with two men on the same day. She contacted the second man and conducted a DNA test, which came out to be positive.

The mother was speechless and didn’t know that something like that could be possible. Although this phenomenon is rare, it isn’t impossible.

According to Dr. Tulio Jorge Franco, this happens when the mother releases two female reproductive cells, and those are fertilized by reproductive cells from two different men. He elaborated that although the babies shared their mother’s genetic material, they grew up in different placentas.

This phenomenon is called heteropaternal superfecundation and usually occurs in animals like cows, cats, and dogs.

As of now, the woman clarified that only one of the fathers is in the picture and taking responsibility for both the children. But in such situations, the other father will also have to do his part to care for his child.

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