Man marries goat with the sole intention of going viral

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The video of an Indonesian man marrying a goat went viral on the internet for the wrong reason. When he received outrage from different corners of the world, he shared that it was all an act to become famous.

Saiful Arif, comes from the Gresil Regency in the city of Java in Indonesia. The 44-year-old man is a content creator on Youtube and TikTok and shot a video of him marrying a goat named Sri Rahayu bin Bejo and posted it on June 5th.

In the video, Arif can be seen dressed in a traditional Javanese costume while the goat is covered in a shawl. A group of locals, who are also dressed in traditional Javanese attires, can be seen attending the function. Arif also mentioned the dowry as 22,000 rupiahs (Rs 117) when he recited the ‘Akad nikah.’

Although the video went viral as Arif wanted, it didn’t become popular for its uniqueness. It sparked outrage.

A netizen commented on the publicity stunt, “Distasteful content, makes money but creates problem for the public.”

Another netizen said that Arif isn’t the only one to be blamed. The village chief and other villagers are equally wrong in the situation.

Due to the negative reaction, Arif was forced to come forward and accept that the video was made just for content purposes. He also added that the marriage was an act and was made purely to make it viral.

Later, Arif publicly apologized and said he repents his action and promised not to repeat it.

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