Woman who 'came back from dead' reveals what afterlife is like

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Jessi Sawyer, a woman who lives in Tennessee, had a near-death experience (NDE) that changed her life forever when she was 31 years old. She had gone to the hospital for a routine hysterectomy when she died unexpectedly and had the experience.

It all started nine months before her experience. Different doctors told her she had gynecological problems and was eventually recommended a hysterectomy.

In May of 2013, she underwent surgery successfully but experienced intense stomach pain when she got home. She was rushed to the hospital, where it was found that her heart rate was abnormally high, and there was internal bleeding.

Since she didn’t have enough blood in her body for another surgery, the doctors began blood transfusion when something miraculous happened.

Sawyer said, “And when they (eyes) opened again, I was in this endless misty white room. It was just this space.”

Then, she noticed her friend Antony, who had already died, standing there and realized he was there to take her. She then saw a bright light.

“The light started off as this shimmer, and then it grew. I mean, maybe it was 15 feet away from me. I don't really know because the light itself is limitless. It's timeless….There’s no way you can describe it. It is the most profound, most unconditional love.” She added.

After Sawyer retired to her body, she surprisingly started getting better. She shared that getting to her body was like jumping into an ice-cold pool after being in a sauna.

“When I started to kind of rejoin the world, I felt this intense love for everyone. And not that I was necessarily a selfish person beforehand, but you only really care about the people that you know. This new feeling was that I cared about everybody I saw, just the connection that I felt to everything... To wind, to sound, to plants, to animals, to humans, it was intensified.”

Jessie says that she isn’t scared of death now and that she might pass away anytime and wouldn’t be upset at all.

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