Meet Midas, the adorable four eared cat, who is an internet sensation

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Midas, a cat from Turkey who was born with a set of additional ears and a defective jaw has become an internet sensation because of her unusual appearance. This cute cat has become a social media star with a massive fan following of over 336K followers on Instagram.

Midas is a Russian blue mix born in Ankara along with her five more siblings. She soon found her forever home when she got adopted by a Turkish woman, Canis Dosemeci, and her partner.

Her owners wanted to take her home rather than have her roam the streets and were also worried that because of her unusual appearance, not many would want to adopt her. In addition to Midas, they own two Golden Retrievers, Zeyno and Suzi, with whom Midas loves playing.

Midas’s unique appearance can be attributed to a recessive gene mutant that she may have inherited from her parents. Despite having an additional set of ears, her hearing and health remain unaffected, according to her veterinarian. All her four ear flaps are connected to the central ear canal.

She was named Midas after the famous mythological king. He was saddled with donkey ears, but whatever he touched would turn into gold.

Dosemici feels that Midas' popularity might help her spread awareness regarding adopting pets rather than buying them from breeders and stores. Many are surprised to hear about her and often come to visit her personally.

Some people ask for her photographs. Some find her scary at times, but usually, she is loved by most others. Many are smitten not just with her big, round eyes and additional ears but also by the unique heart-shaped mark on her belly.

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