Meet Shyja, the woman who flaunts her mustache with pride

Maya Devi

In a world where women are paying money to remove their facial hair, meet a woman who is sporting her mustache with pride.

Shyja, a 35-year-old hailing from the Kannur district in the Indian state of Kerala, declared that she loves her mustache in a Whatsapp status.

A photo of Shyja flaunting her mustache went viral on social media and gained the attention of many people. While some applauded, others booed. However, Shyja said she was unfazed by all reactions regarding her mustache.

She said in an interview that she has faced negative comments and teasing all throughout her life and that it doesn’t bother her.

“People can say anything. Today it might be my mustache, and tomorrow, they might be behind something else. That’s their problem…It's human nature…,” she added.

Like many women, Shyja regularly threads her eyebrows but never has felt the need to remove the hair above her lips. She said that she just likes it a lot.

Around five years ago, it began to thicken, and she couldn’t have been more thrilled. “I have always had a mustache, but it has grown thicker in the past few years. People have advised me to remove the mustache,” she shared.

Shyja explained that she can’t imagine living without her mustache now and disliked wearing masks at the beginning of Covid.

She has been able to stay strong after so much criticism because of the support from her family and friends. Her daughter is her biggest admirer and tells Shyja that the mustache looks good on her.

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