Man’s Tinder match pitches her MLM business on their first date

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Stories of MLM (multi-level marketing) members using Facebook and Instagram to find potential members to grow their network are common.

MLM members have also started using dating apps to connect with more people. They disguise recruiting events as dates and try to convince their date to join their business.

One such incident was published in an article in Newsweek by Sara Santora on August 3rd. The article is about a Reddit post in which a man finds a girl on Tinder, goes on their first date, and realizes she was trying to recruit him for her MLM business.

Using Tinder to pitch a pyramid scheme

The author starts the post by saying that he talked to a pretty and outgoing girl on Tinder and Instagram for a week. Although she had an ‘investment girl boss vibe’, he didn’t think much about it.

On their first coffee date, they spent the first 10 minutes connecting and talking. When he asked whether she wanted coffee, she declined his offer, saying she had already had one before, and insisted he got something for himself.

When the author returned after getting his coffee, he found another girl sitting with his date. His date introduced the girl as her partner, and that’s when he realized that it wasn’t a date.

Then, the girl with his date asked the author about his work and education and whether he was interested in joining their business. She also explained to him their business model, where he would earn money if he added three people to her business, each of them adding another three, and so on.

However, when the author asked his tinder match whether it was a date, she said, “Oh, it is a date, but you seemed like a cool person to become our partner."

The author spoke to them for a while before he excused himself, saying he had to take his pet to the vet. He laughed on his way home and reported her profile on Tinder so she wouldn’t trick anyone again.

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