Woman shouts at daughter-in-law's sister for nursing baby

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Is it wrong to nurse a baby when the mother is unable to?

A recent Reddit post about a woman who shouted at her daughter-in-law’s sister for nursing her grandchild went viral with over 10K upvotes and 1.9K comments. Her daughter-in-law is unconscious in the hospital and can’t nurse the baby herself. So, her sister stepped up.

The author starts the post by saying that her sister delivered a baby boy a week ago but hasn’t gained consciousness due to complications during birth and is yet to meet the baby.

Meanwhile, the author’s husband, who is also her sister’s doctor, has been using the breast milk she pumps to feed her sister’s baby. Her sister can decide whether to continue breastfeeding or try something else after regaining consciousness.

The author adds that her brother-in-law is one of her best friends. She and her husband asked him to move in with them for the time being so that the author could help with the baby and support him due to her sister’s (his wife’s) situation.

Having said that, the author says that she has two 11-month-old children, and pumping has been difficult. So she decided to nurse her nephew directly, saving time and reducing pain.

But her sister’s mother-in-law blew up and called her names after seeing her nursing her nephew. Her brother-in-law, who thought nursing directly was the best solution, defended her immediately, saying the author was just feeding the baby and keeping him alive.

When his mother continued to shout at the author, he managed to take his mother outside, apologized to the author for his mother’s outburst, and clarified she wouldn’t see the baby until she apologized.

But the author can’t seem to get it out of her mind and wonders whether her sister’s mother-in-law was right. She also ponders whether her brother-in-law only agreed to it because he felt forced.

What do you think? Was the author wrong to have nursed her nephew directly? Share your thoughts below.

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