He vaccinated over 30 students with the same syringe, and then asked, "How is it my fault?"

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An alarming case of the negligence of Covid-19 vaccination and 'one needle, one syringe, one time’ protocol occurred in Sagar, a city in Madhya Pradesh, an Indian state.

Jitendra Rai, the vaccinator, vaccinated at least thirty students using a single syringe in a prestigious school. He claims he did so because the authorities provided him with only one syringe. He also added that the ‘head of department’ said he should vaccinate all children with it.

He said, “I vaccinated 30 children with one syringe, as just one syringe was given to me, and I was asked by the department staff to vaccinate all kids with just one syringe."

When asked whether he knew that a syringe shouldn't be used for more than one person, he said that he knew, and asked the authorities if he had to use just one syringe. He then asked, "How is this my fault? I did what I was asked to do."

One of the students' parents noticed the anomaly and questioned the vaccinator about how many syringes were provided, and his reply left the parent baffled. The parent immediately informed the school administration about this blatant violation.

Sagar district administration has filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Jitendra for violating the country’s ‘one needle, one syringe, one time’ policy.

Besides, a departmental inquiry against the district vaccination officer Dr. Rakesh Roshan has also been recommended by the Sagar district administration.

The collector in charge asked the Chief Medical and Health Officer to conduct an inspection. But Jitendra wasn’t present during the inspection, and sources say his phone was switched off.

The Union Ministry for Health and Family Welfare of India had pledged a strict usage of ‘one needle, one syringe, one time’ a month before the Covid-19 vaccinations started in the country.

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