Meet Dúi, an adorable dog that looks like a cat

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Dúi, a dog that lives in the city of Hanoi in Vietnam along with his parents, Hai Anh and Tuan, has an unusual appearance. He is gaining popularity on the internet because of his resemblance to a cat.

Dúi sometimes has an uncanny resemblance to a cat because of his fluffy gray hair, pointy ears, and long docked tail. His unusual appearance can be attributed to the fact that he comes from a mix of rare breeds, including an ancient native breed of Hmong, which is popular in the mountainous regions of North Vietnam, and a short-legged breed, Dingo, which is a breed that comes from Australia.

Pictures of this cute Vietnamese puppy Dúi surfaced on the internet two years ago, when they were shared on Reddit with the tagline 'Meet the derpiest fuzzball to ever walk the earth'.

His pictures instantly went viral, and the netizens were left amused with his bizarre expressions and antics. His owners even started a Facebook account for him where they keep uploading his pictures. The page had over 1,35,000 followers in 2020 and has received 191K likes (as of July 2022).

Dúi also has an Instagram account with 12K followers and over 700 posts (as of July 2022). The account has his videos and pictures, which are sure to melt hearts!

One of Dúi’s owners felt that there may have been some kind of a genetic mutation that made Dúi look like a corgi mix. They say that Dúi is a happy-go-lucky dog.

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