Man tells his pregnant wife that he loves her sister

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Can one choose whom to love?

Although one can’t control whom they love, they can recognize their feelings initially and make appropriate decisions. One could either encourage the feeling or avoid the person to discourage it.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man confesses to his pregnant wife that he loves her sister. This online post went viral with over 13K upvotes and 1.7K comments.

Should one be completely open to their spouse?

The author starts the post by saying that she and her elder sister had a passive mother and abusive stepfather. Her sister would protect her from their stepfather’s abuse, let the author sleep on the bed while she slept on the floor, and let the author move in with her sister.

The author explains that her husband and sister are similar - calm, intelligent, kind, etc. They dated for 6 years before marriage, and she is pregnant with their first child.

Meanwhile, her sister met her boyfriend a year ago, and she felt her husband didn’t like him. When she asked her husband about it, he got flustered and said he felt her sister’s boyfriend wasn’t good enough for her.

Having said that, her sister’s boyfriend proposed to her recently when all four were hanging out together. Her husband returned home a little tipsy and went to watch TV while she slept. But when she checked on him later, he was crying. He told the author that he loved her sister and knew how wrong that was. He also told the author that he loved her very much and promised to be a good husband and father.

Repairing a marriage

Even when a spouse loves someone else, the marriage can be saved with time and effort.

As for the author, after a lot of thought and many discussions, the author and her husband decided to attend marriage counseling. She believes her sister doesn’t have to know about what happened.

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