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A Mysterious Pale Figure Spotted In CCTV Footage Leaves Netizens Bewildered

Maya Devi

Paranormal Magazine posted a video of a mysterious pale figure caught on CCTV camera in Morehead, Kentucky on their Twitter handle. It quickly went viral gaining over 600K views and a barrage of comments from amused netizens.

The video is a black and white footage showing an unusual pale lanky figure, resembling a hunched over human. "You can see his face clearly", remarked the person capturing the video.

Some felt that it was a human being dressed in a bodysuit. Others were curious to know the exact location where the video was captured.

One of the users wrote, “You know the exact location? I’m part of a paranormal research team based in Morehead."

There were a few who did not believe it to be a paranormal creature and doubted its genuinity. They claimed it to be a fake video given its poor quality which they felt was deliberately blurred to create confusion among the viewers.

“It’s a human in clothes that match the same hue as the background, it’s clearly a hoax by the claim it’s a “security camera" yet it’s being moved inconsistently for a fixed position security camera. It’s a manipulation of a glitchy camera, look at the normal objects," one of the users commented.

This isn't the first time that such an unusual sighting was recorded. Earlier this year, a clip of a "ghost" at a pub in the United Kingdom had gone viral. The manager of the pub in Cardiff claimed that it was the old owner of the pub who wished to close it down to scare people. Such clips have always gone viral and amused netizens.

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