Baby Born With Four Arms And Four Legs Hailed As A ' Miracle Of Nature'.

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A baby born on Saturday in Uttar Pradesh, India has sparked disbelief. This is due to a rare condition that gives it four arms and four legs protruding from the stomach. The baby has been compared to Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth, health, beauty, and prosperity and having multiple arms.

Reportedly, the child's mother Kareena (surname not shared), and the infant are doing fine despite the rarity. The hospital was inundated with visitors and local media outlets ever since the birth of the infant, as they believe that the baby is a reincarnation of God and a miracle of nature. It has garnered a religious following of people wanting to witness the miracle firsthand.

The underlying cause of this is not clear. This congenital condition is thought to be Polymelia which means 'many limbs'. It causes the formation of extra and unusable limbs in human beings which appear shrunken and incompletely formed. It is an incredibly rare condition that results from the developmental forking along the body axis.

This causes duplication of the lower limbs resulting in four or five limbs. This condition occurs at a higher rate in animals and is incredibly rare in humans. External factors may be responsible such as the drug thalidomide for example which caused such birth defects in mothers taking it for morning sickness treatment.

The baby's mother Kareena was admitted to the hospital after experiencing labor pains on Saturday. The baby was delivered at Shahabad Community Health Centre in Uttar Pradesh and weighed 6.5 pounds at birth. The baby is expected to live a normal life.

This isn't the first time that people have been fascinated with such a condition. Earlier this year, another baby was born with four arms and legs and was believed to be a reincarnation of God.

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