Missouri woman claims Walgreens denied giving miscarriage medications after she lost her baby

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A Missouri woman claims that she was denied medication by a Walgreens pharmacist for safely passing her miscarriage. This incident occurred two days before the overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 24.

After trying for a very long time, the woman and her husband were finally pregnant. Unfortunately, a nine-week scan revealed that there was no heartbeat. The doctor had confirmed that the pregnancy was no longer viable.

The doctor had presented various options to the couple. She could wait to see if her body miscarried the fetus by itself and passed it naturally. However, it could take weeks and the body was not showing any signs of miscarriage either. If the fetus was not passed quickly, it could lead to sepsis.

The second option for removing the fetus was opting for medication. It would cause the fetus to pass quickly within 24 to 48 hours. The last option was surgical removal.

She and her husband had agreed upon medication (Misoprostol) being the best option and decided to opt for it. That way it could be done without waiting in fear as to when it would happen. Also, she said that she wouldn't be able to live with the thought that a dead fetus was inside her. She was prescribed 600 micrograms of misoprostol every six hours for twenty-four hours which is a lower dosage for miscarriage. She was nervous to take pills as she was told to expect extreme cramping, bleeding, nausea, fever, dizziness, chills, and shortness of breath.

At first Walgreens they visited said that the medication was out of stock, so they visited the other one on 330 A W Ward Road. When asked if they had the medication, the technician said it was available but the pharmacist refused to give it because " the dose was too high".

She started crying and headed back to the car from where they called the earlier Walgreens which they had visited. They worked to figure out a way in which they could help her and were able to do so by giving her a greater number of lower dosage pills for which she was extremely grateful.

Despite being a natural occurrence, women having a miscarriage now fear that they may be treated as criminals. This is because the miscarriage aiding medications are technically abortifacients. Missouri's trigger ban prohibits all abortions with no exceptions including rape and incest.

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