Pink asks her fans supporting Supreme Court's abortion law ruling not to listen to her music

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Pop sensation Pink has been quite vocal regarding the recent abortion law ruling by the Supreme Court and has asked her fans supporting the anti-abortion movement not to listen to her music from now on.

Given the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Alecia Beth Moore, as is Pink's real name, vehemently sent a tweet. With the Supreme Court making a ruling that returns "The abortion issue to the people's elected representatives," there have been massive protests by the public. This decision by the Supreme Court has incurred the wrath of celebrities and Democratic-Republicans as well.

Famous musician Olivia Rodrigo even staged a musical protest against this decision at the Glastonbury Music Festival in the United Kingdom. Pink's tweet garnered a great response, with many people liking, commenting, and retweeting it. There were many hateful comments to which Pink replied and did not take them lying down. She had the perfect response to many who criticized her.

There was one tweet, in particular, that got out of hand by Kenny v/s Spenny comedian Spencer Rice who tweeted about Pink stating that he hopes her agent survives the stroke, to which Pink replied, "I am my agent. We are fine".

This particular tweet angered Pink's fans, who flooded his social media accounts with hateful comments, following which Rice made a video on Twitter that confirmed that his comment was only a joke. He also replied to Pink, saying that she has an exceptionally supportive fanbase, following which Pink urged her fans to leave Spencer Rice alone.

She continued criticizing the Supreme Court's ruling on Sunday as she wrote in her tweet about how years of racism, wars, misogyny, and pandemics have hurt everyone and have literally 'fried everyone's nerves.' On an optimistic note, she added that we are all in this together, and good will trump evil. She also added, "And to all of you sad, old white men asking me if I still make music. I realize you're out of touch- so ask your kids... Oh wait- you can't. They hate you."

On June 24, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to uphold Mississippi's Gestation Age Act which was 2018 ruling and banned abortion after the 15 weeks of pregnancy, barring cases such as medical emergencies and fetal abnormalities.

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