Boyfriend accuses girlfriend of feeding him leftover food

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Women often do more household work than men due to their traditional roles. This would have become grotesque during the pandemic as we were spending even working hours at home - a place where women tend to take up more responsibility.

A survey conducted in the USA by the Pew Research Center reported that 59% of women say they do more household chores than their spouses. This is often not fair to the women who have to balance work, children, and the house.

Here’s a Reddit post that highlighted the issue and took the internet by storm.

Are women alone responsible for cooking?

A Reddit post made in May 2022 went viral with over 9700 upvotes and 2300 comments. In the post, the author asks the community whether she was wrong to feed her boyfriend leftover food for dinner.

The woman, 27 years of age, was accused by her boyfriend (41 years old) of cooking ‘scraps’ for dinner, prompting him to starve. Not to mention that the leftovers she had with her were uncooked burger patties, pasta salad, and grilled corn.

Upon hearing that she cooked these leftovers, he threw a fit and said he would eat crackers instead. The author felt guilty and then cooked rice, ground beef, peppers, onions, grilled fresh corn, and mixed it with homemade chipotle and sauce. She went all out and baked it with some cheese.

Gender Inequality in Household Responsibilities

The Global Gender Gap Report 2021 stated that women spend at least twice as much time as men on unpaid labor. Some parts of the world have a worse gender disparity in unpaid work than the USA.

According to the International Labor Organization, women do 4 times more unpaid care work than men in Asia and the Pacific.

Due to this difference, men may not comprehend the effort put into cooking, cleaning, and doing other unpaid tasks. And women, like the author, can be misunderstood and unfairly accused.

As for the author, her boyfriend didn’t even taste the dinner as the ingredients were ‘leftovers’ and not fresh. He further blamed the author for ‘ruining his night’ and making him eat crackers.

Do you think the author could have done things differently and cooked her boyfriend a better dinner? Or should she ask him to recognize her efforts and cook dinner himself?

Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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