7 solar panel problems and struggles and easy tips to solve them

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There are several sources of renewable energy around us. A lot of them are known to man. One of them is the sun. Did you ever think that there could be a potential downside to using this source of energy in our daily lives? No, but there is. Some of the most common problems that a lot of families, as well as commercial undertakings, face when they use solar panels regularly are listed in this blog post. Let us have a look at what they are and how they can be solved:

Replacement of solar inverter

The solar inverter is a very important component of your solar energy plant. This is where the conversion of solar energy to other forms of energy takes place. This is the component that allows you to run your electronics such as your air conditioners and water heaters around your home.

The inverter usually has a lifetime of 5 years to 15 years. If for any reason, you must replace them, they are not going to cost you anything less than $1,200.

Before you arrange for any technician or engineer to come to your place and repair or replace the inverter, look for any warranties that you might have on the product.

Manufacturer warranties usually become null and void if you get associated with a third-party technician or engineer for such services. Therefore, the best solution is to get in touch with the manufacturer or manufacturer-recommended engineer only.

Birds nesting under your solar panel

Your solar panel can become the resting as well as a nesting place for a lot of birds. This is because these panels are the ideal hiding spot from several predators as well as the sun. There are tiny crevices across the solar panel setup that make for the perfect home for little birds and squirrels as well. What is even worse is that the birds will not care at all when they are about to relieve themselves and would gladly paint a beautiful picture of droppings on your solar panels. That can be very difficult to clean. 

The only way to prevent this from happening is to construct barriers around your solar panels. You can install a thin and flexible metal net around the area that is most easily accessible to birds and small animals. This way you will be preventing them from creating their tiny settlements over there and reducing the efficiency of your solar panels.

Damage to your roof

The entire solar panel system is not going to be that light on your building. Your roof is going to have to bear a significant amount of pressure and weight when you finally decide to set up a solar water heater plant on it. There is a probability of rotting, damage, structural deformity, accidents, compromise on aesthetics, and a lot more when you install a solar panel system on your roof.

The only way out of this problem is to associate with a certified installer and not just any random company that you come across online. A certified solar panel company is in a better position to assess the entire area of your roof and give you the most appropriate recommendations as to what size and category of solar panels will suit your building the most.

Accumulation of Dirt and debris

Dirt and debris are a very big cause of decreased efficiency in your solar water heater plant. No, we are not only talking about bird droppings or dust but also various other impurities and pollutants that get accumulated on the solar panels and other equipment installed nearby. If ignored, these can be very difficult to clean and can cause a lot of problems, especially during the winter season. Unexpected changes in the weather might lead to increased dirt and debris flying across and settling on your panels and this could even lead to significant damage and wear and tear which can be very difficult to recover from.

The only solution to this problem is that you visit your rooftop periodically and assess the condition of the panels as frequently as you can. Look for any dirt and debris that can be easily removed just by your hand and do it while you are up there. Make it a point to have a closer look at your solar panels at least once in a month.

Internal corrosion and delamination

All the components of the solar panel should be laminated under adequate pressure. This is important to ensure that no air bubbles or moisture gets inside the panels and decreases their overall efficiency. Any unwanted moisture or air bubbles can cause internal corrosion to your solar panels which can be very expensive to correct.

In several cases, the only solution is to replace the entire panel. Therefore, the only solution is prevention. Get them laminated under adequate pressure. Make sure to assess the condition of the laminate periodically.

What are microcracks?

Micro cracks are also a common occurrence. These can easily compromise the effectiveness of your solar heater system. These are usually very difficult to notice with the naked eye. With time and weather changes, these cracks can grow in size and can cause several problems with your solar panels. These can occur if you have been careless while handling or installing your solar panel in the beginning.

The only solution is to hire a trustworthy professional to handle and install these panels with utmost care.

Snail trails

If you have ever seen brown lines appear on your solar panels, this means you have already come across the problem of snail trails. This problem only occurs after a few years of usage and can be the result of several factors. If the silver paste is defective or there has been excessive oxidation in the solar panels, you should be able to spot these snail trails very easily. 

The only way to prevent this problem from occurring is to take care of your solar panels and keep on assessing them for any wear and tear. Get them cleaned, repaired, fixed, and replaced as the need arises.

This is not the end of it

Any homeowner or entrepreneur who has solar panels installed on their roof or anywhere on the property faces these and many other problems. Most of these issues can be avoided and a large number of them can be completely rectified if you are aware of their condition and take their maintenance seriously. For more queries or requirements you can visit: Universal Solar Direct

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