The Three Types of TV Show You Should Have on the Go at All Times

Max Phillips

I love TV. At the minute, I’m toward the end of Mr. Robot, as readers of my previous articles will know (I can’t get enough of it).

It isn’t the only show I watch, however. I wouldn’t want it to be. I’m not in the mood for an intense drama all the time. There are times I need a comfort show or others when I want to learn something new.

According to streaming-service search engine RealGood, Netflix has nearly 2000 TV shows to choose from. This paradox of choice is evident, as the average American spends 45 hours per year deciding what to watch, according to Vox.

Having three types of show on the go, as I’ll explain, helps narrow down the field of choice, enabling you to relax quicker.

A Drama Critics Rave About

Between 1928 and 2010, 89% of best picture winners at the Oscars were dramas. Critics adore them.

When I sit down and watch my drama (Mr. Robot), it feels like I’m setting aside some ‘cinema time.’ I put my lights on movie mode, put my phone down, and buckle my emotional seatbelt in.

I religiously check everything I watch on IMDb, before and after I’ve seen it. So when a 9.9/10 episode approached, I became giddy with excitement. I wasn’t disappointed.

I spent the entire hour picking my jaw up off the floor and the hour after it finished reading the reviews and talking about it with my friends.

With highly praised dramas, you need to concentrate. To go on your phone would be a disservice to the creators and yourself.

You’ll find that all of your daily stresses melt away as you become absorbed in the character’s lives. Once the credits roll, the admiration begins. You’re in awe and inspired to create something for yourself.

It’s one of the all-time great feelings.

Why you should watch a drama:

More than anything else on this list, it acts as a source of distraction and inspiration. You’ll find yourself forgetting to blink and in full admiration of the creators, energy which you can feed off for your own creative pursuits.

My top 3 drama picks:

An Interesting Documentary

Whereas a drama gives you a taste of the cinema experience, a documentary allows you to learn. Here in the UK, we have the honor of David Attenborough regularly gracing our TV screens. He has informed the world about all of its wildlife for decades now and is the man behind epics such as Planet Earth.

A documentary is one of the most pleasing ways to learn something new. All you need to do is sit there and watch. It’s also a nice change of pace from dramas and comedies.

At the minute, I’ve been watching Spycraft, a documentary about espionage on Netflix. It’s full of eyebrow-raising moments, some of which almost seem fictional. That’s the thing about documentaries; they often tell authentic stories that feel fictional, heightening their effect.

Why you should watch a documentary:

Learning is something you can do no matter your age. A documentary makes this highly interesting and accessible, often making you a more interesting person after. Don’t be afraid to come out with various “did you know __?” when you’re at the pub next.

My top 3 documentary picks:

A Comfort Show That Doesn’t Require Much Attention

What’s a show you watch on repeat and never get tired of? For me, it’s The Office, Gavin and Stacey, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Inbetweeners. So I have a few.

This is probably the type of show you’ll end up watching the most. It’s comforting.

Watching a new drama (or any good drama) can be nerve-wracking. You don’t know how it will go for the characters, and it can be emotionally tiring.

Your comfort show isn’t.

You can have it on in the background, safe in the knowledge you know what’s going to happen. An easy watch is like a dependable friend in that sense. It won’t disappoint.

I like to put these types of TV shows on when I’ve got a spare few minutes, or when I’m eating lunch.

Why you should watch a comfort show:

Sometimes, you don’t want to learn anything new. You want to feel comfortable. An easy watch is typically something you’ve seen before that will open its arms in a warm embrace and welcome you back. It’s comforting.

My top 3 comfort show picks:

A Variety of TV Is Good for Everyone

If I watched too much of any one show, I’d quickly get fed up with television. Sure, a drama can encapsulate you, but too much can leave you feeling exhausted. A documentary allows you to learn, but it doesn’t always fit the mood, and a comfort show can become stale after too many repeats.

We’re all watching an increased amount of television. As the supply outweighs the demand, there will always be something new for you to watch. And with streaming services, you can revisit your favorites at the click of a button.

Television shows have a unique ability to iron out your day’s stresses. With every episode, you become more absorbed in the character’s lives. You form an emotional connection with them. You get the chance to laugh, cry, learn, get inspired, and so much more.

All you need to do is press play.

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