Biden's Pandemic Response Earns High Approval Rating

Matthew Donnellon
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President Joe Biden has had a busy first quarter in office.

He beat his goal to get 100 million people vaccinated, and has now surpassed 200 million vaccinated American’s.

He’s gotten money into Americans’ hands.

His approval numbers are showing it.

A new poll shows that 71% percent of American’s approve the President’s handling of the pandemic.

What makes this number more interesting is that 47% of Republican’s also approve.

The AP also reports more people are feeling better about the state of the country, “The AP-NORC poll also shows an uptick in Americans’ overall optimism about the state of the country. Fifty-four percent say the country is on the right track, higher than at any point in AP-NORC polls conducted since 2017.”

More people are feeling better about the pandemic too. The poll indicates that Americans' worry level regarding the pandemic is the lowest since last February.

Despite the strong start, the next part of the President’s plan will be more difficult. Vaccination numbers are starting to slow and each day it looks less likely that America will reach the number of vaccinated people necessary to hit herd immunity.

Also, the economic recovery has slowed since the first of the year, with less jobs added in April than in March, the President himself addressed this, “We never thought that after the first 50 or 60 days everything would be fine,” Biden said after Friday’s job report was released. “There’s more evidence our economy is moving in the right direction. But it’s clear we have a long way to go.”

There are a number of reasons the economic growth might have slowed. Some say people are reluctant to look for work because they are scared of the virus. Others argue that the increased unemployment payments have made it so fewer people want to get a job.

Most American's seem to agree we are headed in the right direction.

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