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Matthew Donnellon

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Writing needs very little in terms of tools. There needs to be an implement of some sort. These days it’s usually a computer, but it might be a typewriter if you’re a hipster. Perhaps, you find writing by pencil next to the fireplace and pretending you’re Hemingway. Whatever, I don’t judge.

I write all the time. But, I have a secret.

I’m a god awful writer.

Really. Most of the time when I’m done with an article it looks like a cat walked across the keyboard. There are typos galore. Or missing words. Sometimes I have paragraphs that look like amateur haikus.

But, there is something that I use that keeps me from looking like a moron after I type everything out. I paste everything into Grammarly. There’s a free version on the web. You can pay for a more advanced version, but I’m cheap and the free version works well.

It catches several mistakes that I make. Actually, most of the time I’m embarrassed how often it catches me. Errant commas, extra words, and other crimes against the English language.

It’s pretty easy too. You can just copy and paste (if you’re using a computer like a grown up and not being a hipster) your copy from the word processor (I use Google Docs a lot) to the website. It will pick out your mistakes. It’s like having someone edit your work without the awkward human to human contact.

It makes it pretty easy to correct the mistakes.

Two things:

  1. I’m not affiliated with Grammarly.
  2. There will inevitably be a typo in this article and I’ll look like an idiot.

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