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In the spot that exists at the very edge of existence that is not bound by neither time nor space. It was a place so old it is not bound by death or life nor physics or any natural law. It is the dwelling of the timeless ones. The ones that supersede all natural order and even look down at primordial entities like Death as a old man would look at child.

And so begins the story.

The ageless ones lived a large structure, castle of grand proportions. Here they stayed until it was time for them to ascend, to do their duty. Some stayed longer than others and some played larger roles, but each had a place and each had reason.

The Primes, the first of the ageless ones, gathered their brethren each day to explain their duties. They taught them their new roles.

They were anchors of a new place called the universe. They would hold it together and become the pillars of all existence.

The ageless ones all looked different. Some were blue and hot. Others were giant and red.

As with all things, even entities older than time weren’t safe from ridicule. The larger ones made fun of the smaller ones. The ones that burned bright and blue made fun of their smaller and duller brethren.

There was Sirius who outshone them all. There was Betelgeuse who made them all look small. There were a handful of others that could be even no matter how far they went.

They ran the lot and picked on the littlest ones.

They especially liked to pick on a rather average one named Sol. He was not the brightest. He was nowhere near the biggest. In fact, he was so ordinary the others tended to forget about him, except when they wanted to torment him. They teased him, and bulied him. They remarked about his lack of luster and how he'd never amount to anything. But he took it in stride, mostly because he didn’t have much choice.

And then it was time.

More accurately, it was time for Time to begin.

The Primes gathered them and announced it was their time to ascend. They lined up and each walked through the gates to another realm. It was the day they'd all been waiting for.

The Primes watched them leave and remarked on them.

“There goes Betelgeuse. What a sight. He’ll do good in the next world.”

“Ah Sirius. He will bring light to a thousand worlds he’s so bright.”

“Look at poor Sol. He looks so out of place among his brothers.”

The oldest of the Primes laughed, “You haven’t looked at the books have you?”

The others shook their heads.

“So you have no idea what in store for little Sol?”

“Tell us ancient one.”

“That little Sol may not shine the brightest. He might not shine his light on a thousand worlds. He won’t hold down a vast kingdom in the universe, nor will he be part of a particularly noteworthy galaxy. But little Sol is special.”

“How?” they all asked. They all leaned in close eager to hear the answer.

“The books say Sol is where life will begin. One little rock spinning around him is where all life will find its foothold. It will take a long time, but one day life will spread from his little corner of the universe and fill the whole realm and little Sol will oversee it all.”

And the Primes watched as Sol walked through the gates not knowing what a role he’d play in the next world.

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Matthew Donnellon is a writer, artist, and sit down comedian. He is the author of The Curious Case of Emma Lee and Other Stories

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