How To Never Stop Coming Up With Ideas

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In the world of writing, and content creating, ideas are like currency. The entire nature of the business relies on coming up with something new to say every day, every hour, and every minute. They are the lifeblood. Without them there is nothing.

There are people that seem to be able to generate dozens ideas in a given day. What do they do differently than you?

Do they have an idea consultant on standby?


Have they made a deal with a dark entity that gives them the ability to catch ideas out of the blue, and all they had to give up was their firstborn child?

Most likely.

I mean I’m sure you’re familiar with this scenario.

You wake up.

You perform your morning ablutions.

Then, you head down to your desk in your perfect little writing corner where everything has been curated just so in order to make the perfect writing atmosphere. You power up the computer and wait a few minutes for it to boot up (this scenario it’s an old desktop computer for some reason.) You open up the word processor of your choosing. You see that blinking cursor.



You got nothing. No ideas. Nada.

That morning you were bursting with ideas and now they are all gone.

Now imagine if this happened.

You come downstairs and sit down at the computer. You wait for it to boot up (you should probably get a new computer.)

Then you sit down and start typing like a mad man. Within minutes, after writing like a fiend you already have an article done. Then you move right on to the next one.

Next thing you know you have a stack of articles ready to go, hot off the presses. I have no idea why you’re printing them out in this scenario but it helps paint the picture.

So how do you get to the point where ideas are just jumping out of your head and onto the screen.

Let’s get to the first idea. (I realize the irony of that phrase.)

Use A Content Idea Generator

Did you know there are websites where you can type in a topic and it will think of ideas for you?

It sounds like cheating but its not.

There are a few of them.

Hubspot has a decent one. There’s a paid version, but you can get up to five for free. That’s more than enough to get you going.

I wouldn’t make a habit of using a generator, but if you’re really stuck then it will get you out of a jam.

But the goal is to become an idea generator yourself.

Expand On The Ideas You Already Have

Often, when we write an article it really an overview of a few different ideas.

Especially, if its an article on the Internet or a blog post it tends to be a little general and covers things a superficial manner.

Take another look at the last article you wrote. I’m willing to bet that you breezed over a couple of different topics.

Well, there are ideas for your next article.

If you go back to each thing you wrote and find one thing that you want to learn more about or something you could expand on, then you have just created a never-ending line of ideas. It’s impossible to run out.

Ideas Come When Writing

There’s a little theory that I’ve been working on.

It is.

“Creating begets creation.”

I know that sounds pretentious but it’s true.

The best way to think about an idea is to write. Period.

Whenever I’m writing I think of a dozen ideas. Too often, you waste time sitting there thinking about what to write.

But if you start writing, about anything, the thoughts going through your head. Or maybe just start describing the room you’re sitting. Heck, I’ve just started typing my name over and over. Just make sure you delete it before you publish otherwise it looks weird.

So there are three ideas you can use if you’ve run out of ideas and you need to get your writing day started.

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