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If there is one thing movies fans love more than movies it is speculating about movies.

And the speculation is certainly circulation with this one.

The Hollywood Reporter is, well, reporting that Christian Bale is in talks to join the Taika Waititi vehicle Thor: Love and Thunder.

And of course, the speculation is immediately started on who he might be playing. The first name to come up, and the first name to always come up with a new Thor property is Beta Ray Bill.

Beta Ray Bill is fan favorite character from the comics and people have been wanting him to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the movie franchise’s inception, this is especially true after Marvel showed they were willing into the more “comic bookiness” of the various properties they own. I mean after both a talking racoon and a talking tree had their own series of moves, Beta Ray Bill isn’t so hard to swallow.

So who is Beta Ray Bill?

He’s been in the comics since the Bronze Age and the most intriguing thing about him is the fact that he was also able to wield Mjoinir, Thor’s Hammer.

Actually, there are a couple references to Beta Ray Bill in the movies. In Avengers Infinity War, Tho’s new weapon is called Stormbreaker. This was Beta Ray Bill’s weapon in the comics when he received his own weapon.

And, in Thor: Rognorak the Grnadmaster’s champions visages were on his tower. You can clearly see Beta Ray Bill’s face. Now, I believe this was just an easter egg, and should he appear in the movies I don’t think he would necessarily be tied to this small appearance.

I’ve always like the character. He’s also had some great moments. In his first appearance he fought Thor to a tie, which surprised the God of Thunder. Bill is a Korbonite, and he is the champion of their flagship of their fleet, called the Skuttlebutt. He starts as a rival to Thor, but becomes an ally. Bill has also helped in many of the comic’s cosmic storylines helping against several of the alien empires form the Marvel canon.

So, if Christian Bale wants to enter the Marvel Universe why would he would be interested in playing Beta Ray Bill?

I think so.

Bill is a great character and a fan favorite.

He has an interesting backstory. Plus, his history as the champion of the last remnants of a fugitive race would give him a role with the gravitas he’d in favor of.

Also, playing Bill is like playing a more interesting version of Thor. And, he’s one of the few characters able to lift Thor’s hammer which makes him interesting.

And, Bale would be interested in a character that doesn’t have the same name recognition as his previous outing as a comic book character.

With Batman, he was limited. He made the character his own, but everyone knows Batman. Everyone has their favorite version of the caped crusader and any choice he made would be made under a microscope. But, with Beta Ray Bill he can let loose and embrace any part of the character he wishes.

So, I’m sure the speculation rounds are just beginning and I’m sure it will be interested. I hope though that the many people thinking that this would be true I hope they are right.

And, Taika must have great ideas for this movie. His last film was superb and he was able to lure Natalie Portman back to the franchise and I’m sure he has great ideas for Christian Bale.

The Internet is often wrong but this time I hope it’s right.

Update: He's playing a character called Gorr the God Butcher

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