They Danced While The Devil Watched

Matthew Donnellon

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

*A work of Fiction

It was that time of year.

The parties had been raging for weeks.

Each year thousands of college students descended on the beaches to ravage the local ecosystem for a month of debauchery and bad decisions.

Gallons of alcohol guzzled in seconds.

There were parties.

There were keg stands.

There were one night stands.

In fact, there were far too many one night stands.

But the parties went on.

Everywhere you looked it was a VH1 video come to life. The beach was full of beer bottles red solo cups and passed out dudes baking in the sun. It was worse than Sodom and Gamorrah.

Young people swayed to the music from a dozen different speakers. They played volleyball on the beach but without their lack of equilibrium made it nearly impossible to return the serve.

Hundreds ventured out into the water splashing and swimming.

All the while no one seemed to noticed the sharply dressed man walking among them.

He looked at them in horror, as thought he was walking through a parade of zombies, but they somehow had fewer brains.

He kept going trying to keep them from touching him. Partly because of what was happening and partly because they were miserable cretins that didn’t deserve to come in contact with angelic royalty.

And so they kept dancing and dancing.

But he couldn’t take it anymore.

As much as he loathed speaking to a human, much less one of the young ones.

He kept observing.

The police came again and again.

“Please go home,” the said over the loud speaker, “You’r putting yourselves and others at risk. You need to leave now.”

It wasn’t the first time he’d heard the police that day. They tried and tried to get the people to leave but it was no use. No one budged.

Finally he found a young man wearing his hat backwards, “Why are you still here? Aren’t you worried?”

“Hey man if you get it you get it. Am I right?”

“You are not my young friend,” he said.

He started to walk away and then thought better about. He reached back and touched the young man on the shoulder. Before the drunken student could take another step he dropped to the ground.

“Looks like you got it,” the Devil smiled and kept walking.

He tried to get people to get to go home. But they didn't want to listen. Most were too drunk to realize who they were speaking to.

Not for their sake. All his experience around college students confirmed they were the worst. But he was fond of old people. He liked listening to their stories. And they always had candy and people like that should be protected.

He found another one,”Why aren’t you going home?”

“Because I paid a lot for this…well my parents paid a lot for this and I’m getting my money’s worth.”

“Aren’t worried about getting other people sick?”

“I mean who cares. As long as I’m fine.”

Lucifer tried to keep from setting her on fire. Only because he didn’t want to scare the others away.

He asked some more people and got worse answers. He'd heard enough.

So he walked back to his hotel room while avoiding the several party goers emetic activities.

His assistant was on the balcony overseeing the debauchery.

“How’d it go?” she asked.

“Not well.”

“Are you going to make them sick to pay for their mistakes?”

“Oh no. I have plans for them.”

“You do?”

“Yes,” the Devil said as he walked back into the apartment, “Start with the ones in the water. Release the sharks.”

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