Republican States Are Committing Treason

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I’m sure you might have heard by now.

If you haven’t I envy your insular nature and your freedom from the swirling news cycle.

But this past week, Texas has stepped through the Looking Glass and willingly turned this whole charade into an Onion article as it has asked the Supreme Court of the United States to invalidate a large percentage of votes from the key battleground states in the past election, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

Disclosure: I am from Michigan. I live in Michigan. I voted in Michigan. This article will be directly colored by these facts, and I will make no attempts to hide my bias.

Texas is joined by 17 other states in this bid as well as, to no surprise, is supported by soon to be former President Trump.

This comes after the Supreme Court shot down a final attempt by Pennsylvania Republicans to keep the election results from going through. So the people who have not yet accepted the election results have their backs against their wall and this is their final play after nearly every other lawsuit has been tossed out.

This is one is a bit different though by virtue of the sheer magnitude of what it asks the court to do, Ariane de Vogue and Dan Berman wrote for CNN,

“Critics of the President and his allies say the case reflects an audacious and legally dubious gambit to keep the lawsuits flowing in order to prolong baseless claims that President-elect Joe Biden's victory was somehow illegitimate.”

Essentially, the plaintiffs are trying to overthrow the election.

Texas’ Attorney General has filed a lawsuit to be heard by the Supreme Court. Yesterday the President’s lawyers filed a motion to intervene, in which they basically asked to join the lawsuit.

The problem comes with what they are asking.

Texas and the President are seeking to have the Court block the electors from the key battleground states.

Should this occur, President-Elect Joe Biden would lose enough votes to no longer have the 270 Electoral College majority he needs.

What these states are asking for is for the Supreme Court to overturn the election. This would mean that the election was not decided by the people, the founding tenet of the republic in which we reside.

It’s nothing short of an attempted coup. The President lost and is now using Texas’ lawsuit to keep him from losing power.

Texas’ action is borderline treasonous. They are sowing doubt in our electoral procedure and eroding the fabric of our society, as well as tossing the Constitution out the window.

To make matters worse, 106 members of Congress have also joined Texas’ lawsuit. That’s not 106 town selectmen from the middle of nowhere, or 106 state senators, or 106 mayors. That’s 106 members of the United States House of Representatives.

Nearly one half of the House is fine with undermining the election. To make things more bizarre they want to invalidate the election that themselves had just been elected in.

What Texas and it’s cohorts mean to do is nothing short of sedition. They are seeking to block votes and blow up the whole system because they didn’t get in the way.

They want to circumvent the election. If Donald Trump were to successfully do that he’d be nothing short of a dictator.

And the whole thing is a mockery of everything America stands for. The Constitution of the United States is written in the blood of patriots. Countless men and women have died defending these notions. America is The Great Experiment. It has stood against countless attempts to erode the bedrock of our nation and this is just the latest attempt. The Election is sacrosanct in our nation. It’s very idea is what created the country.

But we will not waver, nor shall we take it lying down.

The states named in the lawsuit are certainly fighting back against this cowardly, ridiculous farce.

Recently, the four Attorneys General of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia unleashed a barrage of rebuttals to these claims.

The Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania fired back:

"The Court should not abide this seditious abuse of the judicial process," wrote Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro in court documents.
"Texas seeks to invalidate elections in four states for yielding results with which it disagrees. Its request for this Court to exercise its original jurisdiction and then anoint Texas’s preferred candidate for President is legally indefensible and an affront to principles of constitutional democracy," Shapiro wrote.”

He was not the only one. Dana Nessel, Michigan’s Attorney General stated that the Supreme Court should quickly dismiss the claims then it could set a precarious precedent where the court is required to step in on all future national elections. Wisconsin’s Attorney General stated that states have always run their own election and that Texas’ lawsuit would “harm the interests of Wisconsin voters.”

And finally, Georgia’s Attorney General Christopher Carr used the Supreme Court’s own words to defend his state’s voters

"'None are more conscious of the vital limits on judicial authority than are the members of this Court, and none stand more in admiration of the Constitution’s design to leave the selection of the President to the people, through their legislatures, and to the political sphere.' That is as it should be," Carr wrote.”

So where does this go?

The court will be meeting today. If five or more Justices decide not to hear the case then it goes nowhere but the ever growing loss column that the President keeps mounting.

If they do decide to hear it it essentially gets a short cut to the Supreme Court because it involves other states and cannot be settled anywhere else. Plus Trump’s motion helps put it in front of the Justices.

Most legal experts, including conservative and Republican ones, think the suit doesn’t have a chance and the Court won’t entertain it at all.

Still even if it's tossed, one has to remember that they are actively trying to steal an election.

I, for one, am glad that the states are fighting back.

I voted in Michigan. Texas is trying to steal my vote, and the votes of my friends and families. Not to mention it’s a giant load of longhorn excrement that they think they can bully other states.

Texas and its band of backwoods states may think it can toss its weight around, but Michigan doesn’t take things lying down.

Just ask Ohio.

We’re called wolverines for a reason.

They say don’t mess with Texas.

I say bring it on.

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