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St. Patrick’s Day Parade Axe Wielding ISIS Supporter Arrested in NYC.

Matthew C. Woodruff

Yonkers St. Patrick's Day Parade carried on Normally.Photo byPublic Use

Ax-Wielding ISIS Supporter Arrested After Threatening to “Crucify” and Kill Police at St Patrick’s Day Parade.

The St. Patrick's Day Parade in Yonkers took off as scheduled, with added security measures, following the arrest the day before of a man feds say made online posts threatening to kill officials at the Saturday festivities.

The U.S. Attorney said, “As alleged, Ridon Kola posted threats on social media against law enforcement, stating his support for ISIS and his intention to murder numerous police officers. Undeterred after questioning from law enforcement, Kola’s conduct escalated, as he continued to assure police his threats would be carried out.”

"Beginning in early 2023, and continuing in the days leading up to the planned St. Patrick’s Day parade, Kola has escalated his threats against the YPD and other government officials and has expressed his support for violent Islamic extremism and terrorist attacks.”

Just days before the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Kola posted to his social media feed a photograph of himself holding an axe with a statement in Albanian, translated to the following: “Come on Judas, I’m waiting for you.”

This after making repeated online statement of threats against the Yonkers’s Police and Mayor, calling for holy war against all non-Muslims. Another post made threats to "crucify Yonkers cops and their bosses all along McLean ave."

"It will be a horror scene," Kola allegedly wrote.

Other since nixed posts included Islamic artwork and imagery feds said coincide with those used by jihadist groups to express a desire for an all-Islamic world - one of the main tenets of the Islamic State.

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