Trump’s Friends in the US House Drop Investigations Despite Court Order.

Matthew C. Woodruff
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The House Oversight Committee now led by Trump apologist James Comer (R-KY) is no longer enforcing a court order that Trump’s former accounting firm Mazars USA turn over its financial records to Congress.

Comer told the New York Times that he “honestly didn’t even know who or what Mazars was” as he made it clear he is now steering the committee to investigate the business dealings of President Joe Biden’s son and private citizen, Hunter Biden.

In the hopes of attracting the interest of their far-right followers, and fulfilling a promise made by Speaker McCarthy, House Republicans are slinging investigations into every corner of the Biden Administration’s last two years, apparently hoping something will stick somewhere.

According to the Associated Press, there are probes into the crisis at the U.S. border with Mexico, the origins of COVID-19, the treatment of parents who protest “woke” school board policies, even President Joe Biden and his family.

Investigations by the House into Donald Trump’s four years in office apparently will not be pursued, though some believe he and his family profited illegally from his time in office, which is what the Mazar’s accounting firm records were being examined for details of, as ordered by a judge.

Trump though is far from out of trouble even if his friends in Congress shield him from wrongdoing, as he is under investigation in multiple other state and federal districts for both election tampering and money laundering.

Federal prosecutors in New York involved in the criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s social media company Truth Social, last year started examining whether it violated money laundering statutes in connection with the acceptance of $8 million (€5.6 million) with suspected Russian ties, according to sources.

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