Mooove Over Cows – 100% Dairy Cow-free Milk is Here.

Matthew C. Woodruff
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A new type of milk will be on US shelves soon, but it isn’t some plant-based product designed to resemble dairy milk. This is real dairy milk, just not from Bessie. This milk is made from whey proteins produced by microflora engineered to spit out exactly the same proteins found in milk from a cow.

The innovative company behind the cow-free milk is called Perfect Day.

Creating a cow-free whey protein is only the first step in the journey to getting novel animal-free dairy products to supermarket shelves. A series of ice creams under the label Brave Robot using the whey proteins were the first products to reach commercial shelves. There will also be yogurt and cheese.

This new cow-free milk will taste, act and cook just like milk squeezed out of an actual cow. The milk contains eight grams of protein and has 67 percent less sugar than conventional cow milk. It is also lactose and cholesterol free.

Almond, oat and soy milk are not dairy products at all, rather just white colored liquids used as substitutes. But if you put it in your coffee, it doesn’t taste the same. It doesn’t give you the foam for specialty drinks because they all lack the protein that gives real milk most of its functionality, and they can’t be used as a substitute in baking.

Using a process already used in food production, called “precision fermentation” Perfect Day makes dairy proteins. In tanks similar to those used to brew beer, they feed sugar to microbes that are genetically engineered with the cow DNA to make whey proteins.

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