Pentagon Released Report Listing Hundreds of Confirmed Sightings of Unknown Objects in American Airspace.

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Many were spotted over Sensitive Nuclear Areas, Senate to receive briefing this week.

The Pentagon, Military Pilots and the American Intelligence Agencies have been working together under the umbrella of the Pentagon's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, solely focused on receiving and analyzing all reports of unknown objects flying in American airspace.

On Sunday, President Biden directed U.S. forces to shoot down an undefined object flying over Lake Huron, the great lake situated between Michigan and Canada. This follows the most recent of a string of incidents involving foreign objects entering U.S. territory, beginning with a large balloon shot down by U.S. forces off the coast of South Carolina on Feb. 4. The balloon is believed to be Chinese in origin.

Two more unidentified flying objects were spotted and destroyed this past weekend: one over Montana on Saturday and another over Lake Michigan early Sunday.

This amateur video captures the one over Like Huron.

Many of the sightings which have been reported by military pilots, occur in restricted airspace. The Pentagon works with the intelligence agencies to further assess those incidents. The report details 510 reports of unidentified flying objects, many of which are flying in sensitive military airspace. The classified version of the report addresses how many of those objects were found near locations where nuclear power plants operate or nuclear weapons are stored.

According to the report, the 510 objects include 366 new reports. The majority have been determined to exhibit "unremarkable characteristics," and could be characterized as unmanned aircraft systems, or balloon-like objects, the report said.

Senators are scheduled to receive a classified briefing on China on Wednesday, days after the U.S. shot down an “unidentified” object over Lake Huron — bringing the number of downed objects to four in about a week.

It will mark the second briefing in one week, after a spy balloon linked to Beijing was downed off the Carolina coast last weekend.

However, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office report released by the Pentagon concludes that defense and intelligence analysts lack sufficient data to determine the nature of the mysterious flying objects observed.

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