Opinion: Republicans Acted Like Monkeys in Chiding the President of the United States.

Matthew C. Woodruff

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I love to watch the Parliament meetings from England. The two sides are purposely seated across the aisle from one another, an aisle designed to be just wider than a sword thrust, by the way. There the members often shout, chide and boo the other side. It is quite entertaining and expected.

Here in the U.S. though, when the President accepts Congress’ invitation to come speak to the joint session it is supposed to be a dignified, somber occasion mandated by the U.S. Constitution. That of a Chief Executive reporting to Congress on the State of the Union.

Embarrassingly for them, some Republicans this year treated the President with such a level of disrespect the Republican Speaker of the House felt compelled to shush them like they were a bunch of chittering monkeys. I am almost surprised one of them didn’t throw some poop just to make their point more clearly, as captive monkeys often do.

Naturally at the top of the list of embarrassments was the attention seeker, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Not only was she decked out like Cruella De Ville, but she also found it quite difficult to stay seated and respectful.

As Democrats heard from Republicans many times during the George W. Bush and Trump years, the President of the United States deserves respect and I, as I always have, agree.

Those Republicans who thought it was the time to chide, shout and make other animal-like noises were out of line and have only lowered themselves in the opinions of many, myself included.

They clearly showed the lack of respect they have for themselves, and for the People of the United States, through their rude displays toward the President.

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