Book Bans, Border Czar, Trump Sanctions, Smartest Presidents and Franklin Graham's Problem.

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This Past Week's 5 Most Popular News Stories:

#5 – In Old-Communism Type Move, DeSantis Bans any Books in School not ‘Approved’ by State.

Teachers, librarians, school administrators and students are no longer allowed to use, recommend, or have in their possession any books or printed material not first screened and approved by a ‘media specialist’ per a broader education bill (HB 1467) which requires school librarians, media specialists and others…

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#4 – Abbott Appoints Texas Border Czar Who Promises Hell on Earth.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has appointed a Border Czar to oversee the issues of illegal border crossings into Texas, who said he will work to make Texas "the least desirable place" to cross the border. He said enforcement must be "more aggressive."

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#3 – Will Trump and Family be Sanctioned in NY $250 Million Lawsuit?

The New York Attorney General’s office is seeking the sanctions against Donald Trump, his children and organization managers Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka plus the Trump Organization and their attorneys, including Alina Habba, accusing them of making "demonstrably false" denials in response to the state's civil fraud lawsuit.

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#2 – America’s Most Intelligent Presidents – Clinton, Obama and…

The director of presidential studies at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center had some things to say about US Presidents and their intelligence levels.

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#1 – Evangelicals to Franklin Graham – “You’re Fired”.

30,000 people have signed a petition calling for evangelical pastor Franklin Graham to be fired for his support of former President Trump.

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And… Just for Fun:

Does Fred la Marmotte’s Untimely Death Predict a Game of Thrones Type Winter?

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