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Biden’s First for 2024 Election (Non-Election Speech): “America is Back!”

Matthew C. Woodruff
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Friday night in Philadelphia was a rousing night at the Democratic National Committee (DNC), one where President Joe Biden gave what appeared to be his first speech aimed at the 2024 election.

In an apparent slam at the guy who came before him he said, “America is back and we’re leading the world again.”

While Trump claims to be able to ‘Make America Great Again’ Biden indicated he has already done that.

Biden boasted about helping create a strong economy and said his administration had made the country’s most significant federal investments in public works, health care and green technology in decades. He also invested billions in private sector manufacturing with he CHIPS initiative.

The latest jobs report, lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, and the highest wages shows the economy is resilient.

But what about inflation?

Though the inflation rate is dipping, down to 6.5% in December 2022, a tight job market tends to put upward pressure on wages, which, in turn, feed into inflation. For all of 2022, the economy had added a sizzling average of 375,000 jobs a month. That was a pace vigorous enough to have contributed to the painful inflation Americans have endured, the worst such bout in 40 years.

What about MAGA?

VP Kamala Harris called out some Republicans like Trump, DeSantis and others when saying, “There are those who want to stand in the way of our momentum,” she said. “The extremist, so-called leaders, who want to distract and divide our nation as they ban books, as they reject the history of America, as they criminalize doctors and nurses and the sacred right to vote.”

Biden renewed calls for political unity, and has shown in the last two years he is able to work closely with Republicans in some areas.

“This ain’t your father’s Republican Party,” Biden said, adding that the GOP agenda was so extreme that “we have to keep pointing out what the other team wants.” Of Trump loyalists, he said, “These aren’t [traditional] conservatives.”

When will Biden announce his plan to seek re-election? Soon, it seems.

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