Billions Spent on Wall While Texans Again go Without Power and Heat.

Matthew C. Woodruff
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Students unable to attend classes and Texas residents without power or any means to cook or heat their homes.

More than 240,000 customers across the state lacked power early Friday, down from 430,000 on Thursday, according to Several school districts across Texas have been closed the past three days because of a winter storm and no power.

Reminiscent of 2021 when blackouts and failures in the Texas’ power grid resulted in hundreds of dead Texans after the state’s power grid was pushed to the brink of total failure because of a lack of generation.

While Governor Abbott pledges to spend billions to help finish the failed wall Trump promised, people in Texas die from lack of basic services.

Abbott recently appointed a Border Czar to oversee the issues of illegal border crossings into Texas. The new Czar said he will work to make Texas "the least desirable place" to cross the border. He said enforcement must be "more aggressive."

Already more than $1 billion in state tax dollars has since been set aside for the Texas border wall.

Some wondered whether life-or-death decisions involving electricity reliability should fall on Texans every time there’s a weather threat, no matter what kind. US Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson called it “outrageous and inexcusable.”

Abbott though hasn’t seemed too perturbed. Abbott publicly praised his administration’s electricity operations, stating that “The Texas electric grid is the most reliable and resilient it’s ever been.”

Abbott’s solution to the failing grid and avoidable deaths of Texans was to pass new laws requiring smarter use of energy, and taking more control of the Electric Reliability Council (ERCOT) and announcing a “new voluntary program for large use consumers as part of continued improvements to support grid reliability.”

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