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Is it Possible to Commune with your Dead? The Answers May be in Cassadaga.

Matthew C. Woodruff
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Spiritualists, mediums and others believe the afterlife is all around us, perceptible to those who see and hear beyond.

One particular small town in Florida has gained a huge popularity with the spiritualist community, the 57-acre Cassadaga. This spiritualist camp, of which CNN reports there are more than 65 churches or camps in 20 states across the US today, was founded around 1875 and chartered in 1894.

The original settler George Colby claimed to have been contacted by the spirit of a Native American who was to be his spirit guide. Because of this influence, Colby founded Cassadaga in Florida. He was well known and in his travels being referred to as the "seer of spiritualism." Colby had attended summer Spiritualist Camp meetings at the infamous Lily Dale, New York hamlet, which has become the subject of a 20-year photo journal by Shannon Taggart, titled Séance.

Today, the Camp which is often referred to as the ‘Psychic Capital of the World’, features the Cassadaga Hotel, a central auditorium, The Colby Memorial Temple, a community library, the Caesar Forman Healing Center, a Camp bookstore, a welcome center, and the Andrew Jackson Davis Educational building, used for musical performances and gatherings.
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There are also many independent mediums and spiritualists available as guides and intermediaries in your quest for answers, for a fee.

The principles of spirituality that are taught by the people at Cassadaga state, "Spiritualism has no dogma or creed, just a simple set of nine principles to help guide our lives". According to the teachings of spiritualism, it is the "science, philosophy, and religion based upon the principle of continuous life".

On March 14, 1991, the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp was declared a U.S. Historic District. The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is a federal tax-exempt church currently governed by a board of trustees.

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