Florida Educators Vow to Fight for African American Studies.

Matthew C. Woodruff

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Ron DeSantis has had a lot to say about education in the State of Florida and has signed into law several bills prohibiting the teaching of certain topics. He believes that education in the state takes an unduly critical view of America's history and its relationship to race.

Earlier this month, his administration rejected a new supplementary high school course in African American studies.

Developed by The College Board as a new Advanced Placement class, it debuted in about 60 schools across the country. The AP course joins others in the catalog such as U.S. history, world history, human geography, and European history. The new course examines history and culture from the medieval kingdoms of Africa to contemporary moments in America.

Why would a Governor block the expanded studies of African American history, even though 17% of students in Florida are Black? Could it be because this particular course is taught from an African-centered perspective and not a Euro-centered one?

Perhaps because such an academic discipline inspires all students to think critically about their understanding of the world by having them look at pre-existing knowledge through a different perspective, and that scares the White Conservative Establishment?

Despite the state's claim the AP African American Studies course fuels a political agenda, local educators argue the topics are meant to ignite conversation and deliberation about current events and ideas between high school students.

"Diversity makes systems stronger. It's what fuels growth and growth is uncomfortable, and a lot of people don't want to be uncomfortable," UNF Professor Dr. Tru Leverett Hall said.

According to FirstCoast News, a tweet from Florida Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz Jr. says if the College Board decides to revise its course the state will revisit the future of the course. The College Board says it will update the course framework and is planning to fight to bring the course to high schools across the country.

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