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Catholics in Iowa Add Fuel to the ‘Gender Wars.’

Matthew C. Woodruff
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If you are a young person questioning your gender identity in Iowa, Catholics in The Diocese of Des Moines want you to know that Jesus loves you unconditionally, but don’t expect any compassion.

the Diocese instead is instituting a series of policies designed to force those experiencing gender identity questioning to present as the sex they were assigned at birth. Some of the new rules, which apply to all parishioners, visitors, volunteers and employees include that no one may designate a "preferred pronoun" in speech or writing, when related to minister activities; everyone must use the bathroom or locker room that matches their biological sex; everyone should follow the dress code or uniform according to their biological sex; participation in school sports or activities must be consistent with their biological sex and no person can have on-site, or distribute, medications meant for gender reassignment.

the Diocese claims that these policies are guided by “unconditional love” and intended to help their LGBTQ members and assist those experiencing gender dysphoria to get proper care.

Not everyone agrees with these ‘archaic’ rules, fearing that transgender youth will be ostracized. LGBTQ advocates say this is a pretty twisted way of expressing love.

Iowa State Senator Clair Celsi tweeted: “Diocese of Des Moines codifies ostracism of transgender kids. These schools want public dollars and want to treat kids in a way that might cause them to commit suicide. This is not what Jesus would do.”

The Association of American Medical Colleges agree. They argue that gender affirming care is necessary for trans youth to be their most authentic and healthy selves. In a statement, they wrote that “efforts to restrict the provision of gender-affirming health care for transgender individuals will reduce health care access for transgender Americans, promote discrimination, and widen already significant health inequities.”

Some people don’t believe that an organization that has abetted and attempted to hide child rape for decades are in a position to dictate what is good or bad for children.

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