Opinion: In Georgia, it is Walker’s Last Gasp Attacking the Weakest as His Polls Drop.

Matthew C. Woodruff

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According to a FOX News poll released earlier this week, Herschel Walker is trailing Senator Warnock in the Georgia run-off for U.S. Senate by 4 points overall and 24 points in the vital 18 – 24 age group. Though control of the Senate is already decided in the Democrats favor, the Georgia race is still being hotly contested.

Perhaps because Walker thinks he now has nothing to lose, he is doubling down on his attack ads and targeting the most susceptible groups of people in a heinous way. Even though two trans people were killed in the recent hate attack in a Colorado Springs LGBTQ night club, Walker somehow took that as a sign it was a good time to spread anti-trans hate in his political ads. In the days following the shooting that claimed a total of five lives and wounded 25 others, Walker not only released his anti-trans attack ads, but also ranted on about his transphobia and hatred.

He also delivered an unhinged speech in Carrolton, GA. laden with transphobia and bigotry. This is not Walker’s first horrendous foray into transgender policy. In September, he said trans kids won’t get into heaven because Jesus isn’t smart enough to recognize them.

Walker, who has made it clear that if elected he would vote against a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, called allowing transgender athletes to compete against other women in sports as being “unfair and wrong.”

According to the same FOX News poll, 51% of respondents have a favorable opinion of Senator Warnock while only 45% have a favorable opinion of Walker.

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