Reddit Users are Largely Unfavorable Toward Trump's 2024 Announcement.

Matthew C. Woodruff
2016 Trump Rally(via public domain pictures)

There is no doubt that past-President and now ‘presidential hopeful’ Donald Trump is a divisive character. His MAGA supporters love him, while many other Republicans not so much. But what is America in general truly saying about Trump and his 3rd bid for the White House?

Scanning through a few reddit/political subreddits on the topic is an interesting experience, here are some of the most popular (I corrected obvious spelling errors and removed profanity):

Work2ski83 says: Smart republicans don’t want him to run and democrats certainly don’t want him to run. He should back Desantis and stay out of the way.

PoignantPie says: Anyone remember when he had Russians in The Oval Office? Or when he called White supremacists in Charlotte “very fine people?” Let’s not forget when he mocked a handicap person. And when he told people to drink Clorox. How about when he told a reporter he trusted Putin over our intelligent services. Oh, there was a time when he incited an insurrection against our government. He also called our dead soldiers suckers and losers. The list goes on! He is an American embarrassment and a <expletive> traitor!

Sike009 says: The majority of Americans never voted for him. He never won the popular vote. He was elected by the electoral college. Only the second time in history this ever happened. How is this never mentioned. We the people never elected him!

Old_Leather says: Neither president Biden or Trump should run. It’s time for someone who is not over 70 and has morals and doesn’t run their mouths.

PrecedentialAssassin says: There's no way Trump gets anywhere near the Oval Office again. With the exposure of his bat<expletive> insane handling of top secret documents, the security agencies won't let it happen. If he announces he's going to run, you'll start seeing a steady stream of stories start leaking out from those agencies.

Subziro91 says: You have Republicans literally copying his mannerisms because he’s still popular . You’re 100% will get Biden vs trump on 2024.

RockleyBob says: Even though I'd rather have trump in jail by then, part of me actually hopes he's on the ballot again. I know he still has a lot of supporters, but I don't think he'd end up with the same numbers he got in 2020, and nothing turns out the left like trump. He's the devil we know, and the Hawleys and DeSantises scare me more, because they're not anywhere near as incompetent. Dream scenario is that he loses the primary and then goes rogue on his own ticket.

MadeThisJustToWrite says: The GOP establishment will rally around him. They are terrified of losing the MAGA/QAnon crowd that live or die by Trump at this point.

Opposite_Community11 says: I think most republicans will still vote for him . Add in the voter suppression, intimidation and supremes and we have 4 more years of terror in 2024.

FormerIceCreamEater says: Yeah trump is going to be a hero to these people long after he is dead. That is why it is so silly thinking he would lose a gop primary. The way republicans talk about Reagan will be nothing compared to how they worship trump. It will probably get more insane after he is gone. There will be maga tourism to Mara Lago to pay homage. It will get even creepier.

What do you think about Donald Trump’s announcement that he is running for President in 2024? Do you think he can or should do it again?

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