Opinion: Two of Biden’s biggest victories came with Republican support.

Matthew C. Woodruff


Joe Biden has been in national politics a long time, first elected to the US Senate from Delaware in 1972, Biden has been serving the country as an elected official for 50 years. One thing is for sure, through the years Biden showed he knows how to work with the Republican party to get things done. In fact, it was one of the bedrock promises he made as a candidate.

After the extreme partisanship of the last of the Obama years when Republicans refused to work in unity with the Democrats, (McConnell bragged about blocking Obama for two years) and then again after the debacle of the Trump presidency, when Democrats promised they would try to work in conjunction with Trump, but didn’t find any common ground on which to do so, even the limited bipartisanship of the Biden presidency has been a refreshing change.

During Biden’s first two years, he and the Republicans worked together to the benefit of the American people for the infrastructure package which passed after 13 Republicans broke ranks and joined the Democrats in support of the bill in the House. Additionally, 24 House Republicans and 14 Republicans in the Senate voted with the Democrats to pass The CHIPS and Science Act that funds the nation’s science and technology industries with billions to boost domestic production of crucial semiconductor chips and additional research and development.

Why would Republicans support any part of the Biden agenda? According to Geoffrey Kabaservice the director of political studies at the Niskanen Center, moderates and principled conservative Republican lawmakers who have rejected the Trump brand support Biden, when they can, because the GOP is no longer a coalitional party.

Overall, 56% of Americans backed the infrastructure plan including 19% of Republicans. Interestingly, a majority of Republican voters also supported President Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid Relief bill according to a poll at the time by Morning Consult, and even so, no Republicans voted for it.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans actually have something good to say but because politicians are so polarized America usually ends up with only half of the solution and usually that half isn’t even the best it could be. I think we can all agree that the country works better when our government works together.

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