People are obsessed with Wordle and now so am I.

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I avoided playing Wordle up until a couple of weeks ago like it was the plague. I’ve never been much for fads – never wore bell bottoms, played Trivial Pursuit or had a Rubik’s cube. I did have a pet rock, but it was a wild one I found on a dirt road. I think it died shortly thereafter.

Anyway, I was recently reading that it is important to keep the mind limber as one ages (not that I’m in any way old), but I have noticed a slight cognitive decline in my memory, (was it my memory? I think so). As my workplace offers free access to the New York Times, I thought I might do the daily Sudoku (easy level only, for now).

But, alas, I noticed the Wordle puzzle first. They roped me in with an easy one. Solved it in 3 tries. The next one also. Then it started to get harder. I mean, who knew ‘CAROM’ was even a word? Not me. ERGOT? Give me a break!

So now I play the NYT’s Wordle faithfully every day. I also practice on a couple of other Wordle online sites. I’ve shared my Wordle adventures with my family and now with you guys. You might say I am a Wordle convert.

There are 158,390 5-letter words in the English language. The first Wordle guess enables you to eliminate the vast majority of them. If I do really bad and have to use all five guesses the NYT offers a free Wordle Bot Analyzer I can use to tell me how I screwed up in comparison to all the other, and better, Wordle players.

Excuse me, Bot-man but I’m sorry my first choice did not eliminate 97% of the possibilities, like everyone else’s.

Wordle is so relaxing and not at all frustrating.

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