In the poorest states in America, 9 of the lowest 10 have Republican Legislatures.

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People come into the United States from all over the world to find freedom and to earn enough to raise their families. Yet, poverty is a pervasive problem in America. As of 2020, 11.4% of the US lives in poverty. In 2020, 35% of households with incomes below the federal poverty line were food insecure. 18 out of every 100,000 people in the US were homeless as of January 2020.

The truth is, we can be bombarded with numbers on the Stock Market, Economic Growth, Corporate Profits, Federal debt, and the GDP but only one thing really matters – a society and its leaders are judged on how the least of its member’s fare.

In the poorest states in America, Republicans are in charge. Before you start screaming ‘Fake News’, here is the list, compiled from the 2020 census:
Ten Poorest States(public use)

Mississippi has a Republican Governor and Republican Legislature. The state is ranked 50th among all the states for health care, according to the Commonwealth Fund. The state has one of the lowest workforce participation rates in the country. Approximately 70,000 adults are ‘disabled’, which is 10 percent of the workforce. Mississippi receives more federal money than 48 other states. The state ranks 32nd in education, spending a mere $8,700 per pupil.

New Mexico has a Democratic Governor and Legislature. The 2020 census recorded a poverty rate of 18.2%, the third highest among U.S. states. Per capita personal income was $45,800, it was the third lowest in the country after West Virginia and Mississippi. New Mexico receives more federal money than any other state. The state’s poverty rate of 18% is among the highest in the country, exceeded only by Louisiana and Mississippi. In 2019, New Mexico increased teacher salaries, funded an extended school year, and expanded prekindergarten childhood education programs, while developing budget formula for delivering more funding to schools that serve at-risk and low-income students. Still the state only spends $9,950 per student and ranks 20th for education.

Louisiana currently has a Democratic Governor and a Republican Legislature, though the governors office changes frequently from Dem to Repub and back again. Residents per capita income decreased to $28,662 in 2019. Louisiana is ranked fourth highest nationally for receiving federal funding. In 2000, of all of the states, Louisiana had the highest percentage of students in private schools and spends $11,100 per student and ranks 11th for education.

West Virginia has a Republican Governor and Republican Legislature. The state ranks 45th in education but spends over $11, 400 per student. Health-wise West Virginia ranked last or second-to-last in twenty categories. Federal funding is 4th highest in the nation.

Alabama has a Republican Governor and Republican Legislature. Alabama has no minimum wage and in February 2016 passed legislation preventing municipalities from setting one. Alabama has the sixth highest poverty rate (18%) among states in the U.S. Only Alabama, Mississippi, and South Dakota tax groceries at the full state sales tax rate. Alabama ranks 26th in education and spends $9,200 per pupil.

Feel free to research the remaining five states, and come to your own conclusions. A clear trend is discernible in all the ten poorest states in the US. – low income, low per capita education and health spending, high federal funds receipt. Nine of ten have Republican Controlled Legislatures and seven of ten have Republican Governors.

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