Crist closes in on DeSantis for control of Florida.

Matthew C. Woodruff
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The race for the Florida governorship is off and running. Charlie Crist, one-time former governor, and current U.S. House Representative is taking on controversial and extreme current governor, Ron DeSantis.

In politics polls mean everything, or nothing. But there are a lot of them.

Last week, a poll of the DeSantis-Crist matchup, by University of North Florida, had DeSantis up 50% to 42%. A Florida Chamber of Commerce poll found similar numbers: 51% to 43%. The latest polls show Crist has closed the gap a substantial margin. A poll published September 6th by AARP found that among those polled, DeSantis now only holds a 3-point lead, DeSantis receiving 50 percent support among likely voters compared to Crist at 47 percent.

Is this anything to worry about for DeSantis? The same poll finds those under 49 years old support Crist over DeSantis by 5 points, while those over 49 favor DeSantis by 7 points. It seems younger people, if they come out to vote in force as they have been doing, may very well be the key to the Florida race this year.

According to Crist’s campaign manager Austin Durrer, “Ron DeSantis is beatable, and the time to stop him is now. Charlie Crist is the candidate this moment calls for, someone who can unite Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans who don’t agree with the never-ending culture wars this governor wages day-in and day-out. Floridians are rejecting Ron’s radical anti-woman, anti-freedom agenda, and on November 8 they will make that clear.”

Only one thing for sure in this race, time will tell if these polls mean anything or not.

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