Going out of your way to do nothing.

Matthew C. Woodruff

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The internet is full of people giving advice. To drink coffee or not to drink coffee. How to sleep better or sleep more or sleep less. How to get in that 30 or 60 or 120 minutes of exercise. How to take care of your kids or pets or parents. How to save money or spend money or vacation or stay home or… it is an unending stream of well-meaning (I hope) claptrap.

Here is my advice, find your own way through. It is your life after all, you oughta be in charge.

Can there be tidbits of gold in all the dross inhabiting the ever-growing slew of advice? Surely. Someone is bound to eventually hit on something important, some thing that will help… whatever… the issue is. But ignore it all.

In fact, ignore everything and do nothing.

There is actually a word for it. It is ‘niksen’, a Dutch word that means “to do nothing or deliberately do something without any purpose or goal of productivity.” Sounds fun. Actually, it sounds like how I spend most of my day, but I’m probably doing it wrong.

According to researchers from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, doing simply nothing allows your brain to process pieces of information it has received throughout the day. It is like what your unconscious brain does while dreaming, but consciously. Try to stay awake.

Sit and close your eyes. Or stand and open your eyes, it doesn’t matter. You are doing nothing, remember? Don’t think or think about everything that comes to you. You should do it however you can maximize your mind wandering. You ever have a cat? Do that. Let your mind go and your reality will follow… or something. I don’t know. Im currently niksenning.

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