A peace movement is spreading around the globe.

Matthew C. Woodruff

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Being committed to honesty and truth. Building trust with others. Civility, justice, kindness, and tolerance. According to ‘Live and Let Live’, these are the bedrock principles of their world-wide peace movement and is “the world’s most important endeavor”.

Founded by Marc Victor, an Arizona attorney and who was also a 2022 Democratic Senate Primary candidate in Arizona running as a Libertarian, and Bruce Benefiel who describes himself on his website as an ‘organizational bricoleur, possibilities coagulator and spiritual teacher.’

‘Live and let live’ originally was the spontaneous periods of non-aggressive behavior during World War I, and its prolonged periods of trench warfare. One of the most famous examples of this is the Christmas Truce of 1914 (see History.com). The ‘Live and Let Live’ global peace movement was founded in 2020.

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According to Marc Victor, in an article published on his website (linked above), “…competent adults have the right to peacefully live their lives as they choose; even if they choose to live in ways you… disagree with.” The article continues, “initiating aggression, even to achieve laudable goals, is always wrong”.

Though there are no membership numbers published, there are currently 30 chapters in 20 countries of Live and Let Live spread across the globe, with several chapters in the United States. Evidentially, people find their message of being in charge of one’s own life and decisions, while allowing others the same freedom, liberating.

“When enough people commit their hearts and minds to live and let live, we will actually achieve and maintain a free and peaceful world.” – Marc Victor.

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