Opinion: Cracker Barrel is accused of going ‘woke’.

Matthew C. Woodruff

Cracker Barrel(marketing photo - public license)

Other than that chicken place the cows want you to eat at, no other nation-wide restaurant chain has been so widely condemned for its social policies, as Tennessee-based Cracker Barrel. To now have some conservatives on Facebook accuse the company of going ‘woke’, (a term meaning to ‘be aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues, especially issues of racial and social justice’ (see Merriam Webster) usually used as an insult toward liberal-minded persons) seems to be the epitome of conservative fear-mongering.

First, the history:

In the early 1990’s the LGBT community reviled Cracker Barrel when the Los Angeles Times revealed that an internal policy of the restaurant was to fire employees who did not ‘demonstrate normal heterosexual values.’ Later that decade and into the early 2000’s, Cracker Barrel was sued by the Justice Department for segregating customers by race and for giving preference to white customers in seating and service.

What now causes this once jewel of the conservative crown to be accused of the terrible sin of going ‘woke’?

Nothing cataclysmically less than the advent of plant-based meats on the Cracker Barrel menu. Cracker Barrel introduced its country customers to a choice of something called ‘Impossible Sausage’ (see a nice photo of it here).

So is this it, the end of American civilization as we have known it? If even a place like Cracker Barrel can be accused of being too liberal because of the addition of a healthier choice on their menu, what’s next? Will the chicken place suddenly stop financing the arrest of LGBT persons in Africa, as their contributions to Uganda in 2010 - 2019 had? The facts. Will they stop funding the opponents to Gay Marriage?

Maybe Cracker Barrel has ‘woke’ from some of its past mistakes, (I doubt that accusation will ever be made toward the chicken place, though). However, merely adding plant-based sausage to their menu is not a sign of them becoming the liberal, do-gooding anti-Christ, maybe just a little smarter and healthier.

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