AI comes to Florida and changes how we all live.

Matthew C. Woodruff
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With 1 billion dollars in research funding and access to one of the smartest AI computers in the world, named HiPerGator, University of Florida researchers are on the leading edge in the advancements of health care, technology, agriculture and food production, and artificial intelligence research putting us on the precipice of improved lives.

According to the vice-president of research at University of Florida, Dr. David Norton, in an editorial published in the Tampa Bay Times, ( of Florida-hitting-the-1-billion-mark-in-research-spending-column/) University of Florida is making major advancements in cancer and diabetes research, neurological disorders and other health related issues. Advancements that will not only have a huge beneficial economic impact on Florida, but benefit humankind as a whole.

In addition, University of Florida researchers are making strides in world-wide food production and in the elimination of food waste by using HiPerGator’s artificial intelligence to identify early signs of produce decay. They hope to create a device that packing houses and grocery stores can use to scan produce for freshness and ultimately reduce food waste. (

Further research is being done to aid Florida’s citrus industry by developing disease-tolerant trees and are in the process of breeding disease-resistant trees to replace those lost, and by creating new nutritional applications to help existing trees, using HiPerGator to help in their decision-making processes. (https://news.University of

There are many other areas of research and study that scientists, and student researchers are undertaking throughout the State of Florida’s University System using HiPerGator’s advanced processes. The breakthroughs University of Florida researchers are now making leveraging HiPerGator’s artificial intelligence will benefit all segments of the world’s populations and business communities for decades to come.

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