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World-class entertainment - Cabaret style

Matthew C. Woodruff
Upstage Cabaret at the Phillips CenterUF Performing Arts

Another work week is finally coming to a close and your significant other wants to know what plans you want to make for the weekend. You sigh and stop to think, tired of the same old choices of movies, dinner out or couch potato-ing. You wonder if they'll maybe go for sky-diving? But no... Then the figurative (LED) light bulb goes off, and you remember the recent mailing for the UF Performing Arts new season lineup.

Even as you dig through the kitchen trash to find it, excitement starts to fill you. (Never thought that would happen, did you?)

But you aren't really a sit-in-a-seat for three hours and listen to a symphony kinda person, are you? However, as you flip through the booklet a name stands out - UpStage. You are intrigued. Your pulse quickens. You read more.

UpStage brings performers and their audience onto the Phillips Center main stage, which has been converted into a Cabaret. A cabaret sounds like fun, you think. The audience is seated at tables just feet from the performers, which may be singers, instrumentalists or small groups of both, or other performances ideally suited to a smaller audience.

There is food included in the ticket price. Hors-d'oeuvres or desserts, depending on the time of show you book as well as a cash bar. You now know in the deep places of your soul that this is the ideal solution to an otherwise boring weekend.

Another thought enters your mind... should this be the time and place you finally pop that big question, the one you've been wanting to ask your significant other for so long now? You know the one... the one about getting season tickets to the Gators?

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Matthew is a free-lance journalist, and an internationally award-winning author best known for Dark Humor/Lite Horror/Supernatural short stories. He is a lover of the unusual, travel, cats and people's souls. Matthew is based in Florida, USA.

Gainesville, FL

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